/u/TypicalTrumperger is kind of a dick.

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0.91 But yes, when you read between the lines you can see he truly was passionate for left-wing ideals and was clearly just #FeelingTheBern.
0.8442 *"Also be sure to check out my latest EDM album, dropping conveniently around the time when we're pretending we cared about Seth Rich again."*
0.8126 Wow, that's rich.
0.8084 Dude was kind of a knob, but I certainly wouldn't have wished death upon him; regardless, this barely has anything to do with politics.
0.7713 If you really cared so much about Seth Rich, wouldn't you have been on the case this whole time?
0.765 I dunno, you got pretty triggered for someone who is apparently winning so much.
0.7351 Funny how conservative commentators only seem to care about Russians when they can tie Obama or Clinton to it with some silly string.
0.6908 That's preferable to just giving it up directly to the Russians to be honest.
0.6908 Supporters would have cared about this for the past 6-months and not only when it's convenient for them.
0.6322 Thank god for InfoWars' hard hitting reporting, right????
0.6187 Hence 'reopened' being in quotes; they know it's a huge fucking stretch, but anything to deflect from their dear leader going up in flames.

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-0.9413 *When Trump himself is accused of sexual misconduct*: THOSE DUMB LYING SLUTS, IT'S BEEN YEARS WHY WOULD THEY BRING IT UP NOW?
-0.8828 non-sense, bullshit propaganda, or fully debunked conspiracy theories aren't going to shut-down and see the light when they're confronted with cognitive dissonance.
-0.8652 Man, my cognitive dissonance of having to hold the position of "Fuck Jeff Sessions to hell and back" coupled with "Yeah, hold your ground Jeff Sessions!!" is really starting to give me a headache.
-0.8359 JUST TRYING TO SLANDER TRUMP, TRUMP TRAIN DOESN'T STOP YOU DUMB BITCHES MAGA *When a rich guy who supported Democrats is accused of sexual misconduct*: SEE?
-0.8271 Why did you guys disappear for 6 months, only coming back to Seth's murder when it conveniently served to drown out your dear leader's fuck-ups?
-0.7876 I just wanted to let you know that I took 30 seconds out of my non-automated day to write this personalized comment and down vote this dumbass nonsense list image, *personally*.
-0.7424 Damn, sick burn Joe!
-0.6808 I mean hell, even Alex Jones has InfoWars registered in his name.
-0.6597 That's it. Now if Fucks News Corporation wants to come and build a TV studio around you and broadcast your inane rants on the air, that's their prerogative.
-0.6428 Nobody except million and billionaires wants this shit.
-0.6249 Fuck Trump, fuck Pai, and fuck his deceptively-named Restoring Internet Freedom proposal.
-0.5994 I thought the anti-fascists were the violent, "actual fascists"?