/u/Tyler_syk is kind of a dick.

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0.8914 At least you're not a retarded xenophobic racist like those Trump supporters
0.7845 See, a smart black needs to teach all the other blacks why Sanders is their best option.
0.7425 wow, so clever and thought provoking
0.6901 I completely agree with you, and I'm not claiming to know better.
0.6705 Hope it helps, I'm in Mexico.
0.6124 yeah, guess that's true.
0.6124 Actually I agree with most of your post, I addressed that part specifically because is the one I don't agree with.
0.6124 Yeah, as a foreigner I just can't picture that guy as the leader of the United States...
0.5994 She's still super fat
0.5994 That was beautiful man
0.5719 When I was 6 I won a game cartridge for my NES at Mcdonalds, received it a couple of days after the survey...

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-0.9325 This article is about how theft, rape and murder of illegal immigrants has been on the rise.
-0.8625 I liked Sanders, but when the two girls from the BLM movement took his stage he just looked weak and bullied.
-0.8481 if someone had tried to stop them the news would read: Syrian kids attacked by racist group in water park.
-0.8313 God, this is the stupidest argument ever, I fucking hate this community.
-0.8156 this kind of no-news story makes me sick, yeah, someone said something mean to a kid, big deal, it's not like we all go through this shit at some level or another.
-0.7585 That attitude and fact that he posts this shit on reddit, I don't know, clearly the guy has some issues himself.
-0.7574 I fucking hate the "racist" argument.
-0.7506 ""the only thing we have to fear, it's fear itself" fdr" Bernie Sanders
-0.7351 No one said racist.
-0.7184 If you lose your job to a millennial you've failed as a human being.
-0.6917 Most people that go in another country as refugees or illegal immigrants are the nothing like that.
-0.6808 Anyone can say it, it has no depth, no insight, no nothing.