/u/TwoXChromosomes is kind of a dick.

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0.8684 As much as I love Dirk Gently - "Web" != internet. You can download as many books from Amazon as you want, unlimited!
0.7964 The way they did TED was great - I am glad for LK at least for that, wouldn't have seen it.
0.7906 It is all about what we do with our macs, and how good software makes it great to use.
0.7096 This should be sent to ICANN and say that this isn't a grass roots effort, and that these people are just supporting a website that they have a passing interest in.
0.6808 Tell me that you are ok with my innocent family members dying because of your financial interests.
0.6801 Shows how intuitive Seth is. Seeing the restaurant scene being played was really good.
0.6249 Was awesome.
0.5859 Upper cunt. I will celebrate the day that this makes it into a revered dictionary tome, even the Oxford concise.
0.569 If it works, it is allowed. robots.txt is a technical nicety, not a legal document. Fuck facebook.
0.5267 Redditor makes uninformed comment, ringed with small pockets of truth to sound well informed.
0.5106 **Vote this post up** ctrl-f other companies, ICANN, competition, trust, squatter

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-0.8655 Utterly shameful that you are parroting stupid snippets from reddit and perpetuating lies.
-0.8625 Fuck nokia, rim, samsung, sony and others for being unimaginative, shitty, lazy designers and developers.
-0.8501 I am so tired of how you don't even have the first fucking clue about ANYTHING related to this, and you just parrot typical bullshit. Don't read the stories if you aren't interested.
-0.8176 Oh, how much fun that was, installing all these shitty "application suites" and trying to get the shitty connection to the shitty nokia phone to work.
-0.8104 Fucking idiot. So in summation, fuck you.
-0.802 Fuck off moronic 15 year old.
-0.764 It is very disturbing to tie someone's subjective nature to TLDs. Absolutely insane - do not let these jokers around anything related to technology.
-0.743 Weird as hell.
-0.7378 The only difference is, you're openly lying and spreading FUD.
-0.7184 That's why I hide my cash in dead bodies.
-0.7003 I don't get paid millions to _stand around_ for hours and get hot and tired I don't get paid _millions_ to stand around for hours and get hot and tired Stay in school kids.
-0.6705 For example - IMDB charges ~$25k/yr. That's a stupid comment