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0.8826 It's really fun, I recommend it if you like slower paced adventures.
0.8658 Great website, nice layout and some nice artwork.
0.836 Haha, thanks :)
0.8225 The guitars are awesome, drums sound a little flat in the recording but the playing is spot on. You guys have got a lot going for ya, always good to hear what other UK guys are doing.
0.8074 Hey thanks for the help :) Sorry, i'm still very new to this.
0.807 Love the crisp vectors with the retro style, nice mix of tweens and frame by frame too!
0.802 Nice, the vocals in the second song sound like Verbena, his screams are great too.
0.802 Love your colours, I'll keep an eye on twitch :)
0.7845 Freakin' awesome, nice one.
0.784 Wow, what an awesome read, you've really got a knack for world building and it screamed cyberpunk!
0.7783 Lovely :) What technique/app did you use for the watercolour effect?

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-0.872 Here's a tip: don't post on reddit when you're angry, you're ugly when you're angry.
-0.7964 ...and you spelled douchebag wrong in your username.
-0.5994 Bitches need me to survive yo'
-0.5719 I'm not by my music mashine but weni get home ill make it 4 u thnx
-0.5106 Dude people on here are dumb and don't get the point of drawing something in vector.
-0.4215 You did a bloody good job, the drum sound is personal preference I guess, so don't see it as a negative ;)
-0.4019 Believe me I practice -a lot- I'm going to have to check out Manga Studio, I'm a bit of a Photoshop raster junkie having trouble making the move to vector.
-0.4019 It's the Doom theme.
-0.3818 Because recording footage at 60fps and slowing it down afterwards will look crap, 60fps at 1/4 speed is 10fps.
-0.34 I see dirt.
-0.3182 9/11, also it did fly you just had to spends hours learning to fly it, ghost town anyone?
-0.3182 I'm sorry it made you angry but Beyonc wouldn't really suit it.