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0.8591 Some of the best advice I ever had was that, in order to sell art, you need promote yourself as the brand. Why do we get interested in art?
0.8555 :) I love helping people find these kinds of feelings with art.
0.8479 As a lover of both birds and unique plants and vegetables, I find this picture absolutely amazing and it makes me want a little statuette of this for myself.
0.8316 It's an inspiring piece of work I feel forges a lot of meaning; I see it as a strong symbol of determination and improvisation.
0.8221 Kudos to the original artist and the OP for such an interesting find!
0.8157 o_o I feel the forward trees could be a bit more in focus, but otherwise, this is breathtaking and amazing and oh God I want this so badly on a T-shirt.
0.8126 Practise makes perfect, and nobody's perfect the first time.
0.8105 I have no idea why you got no love in r/Art, because THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
0.807 Glad to help a fellow Redditor increase their vocabulary!
0.802 :) I was taking into account people's preferences and benefits, as one's preferences and benefits could be that of another's.
0.7964 :) That being said, I still think it's a great work overall.

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-0.6913 He doesn't look like a burrowing or pygmy, but I could always be wrong.
-0.6808 God forbid anyone hears a screech owl and is unprepared; there's a reason those things were considered evil in some mythologies.
-0.5724 I've edited a couple of times to make it less awkward, but I still have trouble articulating.
-0.5719 Don't make this something you hate.
-0.5023 o3o I feel the image could be a tad crisper or more contrasted, but I understand this shot might have been difficult.
-0.4939 As someone who has had trouble with flowing shapes in the past, though, I understand that they can be tough to nail.
-0.4767 What about taking comics that have been otherwise ruined or are unable to be salvaged, and then using those to make the comic mosaics?
-0.4215 I've done a couple of commishes here and there, but I am no "big time artist".
-0.4019 Not a problem.
-0.3612 You must understand, art is a difficult career path to get into; a lot of people never make it there.
-0.3527 There is no need to feel like your newborn infant is baking in the desert sun; rejection is normal, you need not obsess or fuss over it.
-0.34 Cute, but depressing.