/u/Turdovski is kind of a dick.

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0.7935 Yes, but here are 10 reasons why Sanders can still win.
0.7845 After driving my uncle's stock 9000 HP printer, I can definitely say it's the best.
0.7184 Make sure it's areas where Hilary won.
0.7096 It's a better choice since most have 0 or 0.99 interest.
0.6369 Canada is cuck paradise.
0.5859 Wow why are you so intolerant?
0.5773 If only Europe took in more of them then they wouldn't need to murder people.
0.5574 He'd be a local hero of he helped some impoverished Canadian kids first.
0.5411 President before him wasn't getting circle jerked about how good he was.
0.5106 Well yeah that's what a pedophile is.
0.4767 Lol, a large majority of Muslims want Sharia law.

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-0.8689 I wonder when this bullshit Russian hacking fake news will stop already.
-0.8651 So I'm a racist for stating reality about the Muslim prophet, that he fucked a kid?
-0.8519 Is she an illegal immigrant or terrorist?
-0.8402 A few do bad shit, and a large portion of "moderates" silently support that shit.
-0.836 The Polish guy was the original driver who the terrorist killed and stole the truck from.
-0.8316 Reminds me of the idiots who lump terrorists in with Muslims, or paint black people as all criminals.
-0.7926 A .50 cal or is also good when there's more than one terrorist and you really want them dead.
-0.7876 Doesn't have to be aliens with lasers, but some weird shit went down.
-0.7579 I don't think Trump did anything worse than Hillary lying under oath.
-0.7579 And yet leftards still cry conspiracy theory.
-0.743 Ah thanks, so the prophet Muslims worship isn't just a pedophile but also a child rapist.
-0.7402 Obviously Europe's fault for not admitting refugees in fast enough so they get angry and lash out.