/u/Tupacforpresident is a total dick!

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0.8537 Armstrong is awesome and all but Hoffman had the best drugged up bike ride of all time.
0.836 Would you like to see pictures of their health care? http://imgur.com/a/zGmb5 That's psychiatric care.
0.714 It's fair, but the day to day gameplay is pretty PG13.
0.7096 Only when my friends showed up and her dying at home, was she saved. Psychiatrists aren't doctors.
0.6371 Instead they were so eager to jail me for ????
0.6369 I love cops.
0.6369 Halo and COD are pretty harmless as far as m ratings go.
0.6249 Arlington is awesome.
0.5859 I'm a security guard and that is not what security guards do.
0.5773 Do not kill yourself.
0.4939 We talked about it, and decided to call a counselor so things didn't get out of hand.

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-0.9628 I've been beaten up before, but to be assaulted, and to have my fiancee assaulted, and to then be jailed, by the same people hired to prevent that is insane.
-0.8979 Imagine if that person could have you kidnapped, beaten, tortured and even killed just for existing.
-0.8807 You can have mental health issues and get angry about the standard shit that people get angry about, in the usual manner.
-0.875 And imagine that with no crime, just an inappropriate display of emotion, that someone could come and kill you, legally or jail you for life.
-0.872 Somehow, this might start fights. Edit: next time you lose your cool or have a bad day, understand that that could be diagnosed as bipolar disorder or aggressive behavior or psychosis or whatever.
-0.872 They hated me so much they were willing to kill me wife to take me out.
-0.8658 He is then subject to sleep deprivation, forced druggings and other forms of torture.
-0.8579 "Someone wants to kill me, which leads to stress and economic damage." SO YOU SAY YOU WANT TO KILL SOMEONE, YES?
-0.8555 Don't ever walk into a hospital and say you want to kill yourself unless you want a kidnapping and drugging followed by sleep deprivation and indefinite detention.
-0.8484 I really want Disney to raise my kid to be weak, to not rise to the circumstances and to ignore evil to make art instead.
-0.8225 They legit did that for me for saying I'd defend myself against violent attackers.
-0.8126 Death is an enemy.