/u/Tryndamere is very positive!

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0.9698 Honored by the recognition! Fun awards and categories and congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone involved :)
0.9508 Thanks for sharing your story :) Fun to hear your journey as you gained perspective and speaking from personal experience, without the lows it is much harder to appreciate the highs.
0.8935 Was a fun game last night - you guys recovered really well. GG In other news, lol @ this thread
0.8807 Was super fun :)
0.8519 NB's are awesome in pvp - I'm a NB and love it
0.8519 Well, while we will likely never has as much jank as we had back then in any of our future games, it will still be super fun to get into beta and build communities around the new games.
0.8481 Super helpful feedback - thx guys.
0.836 Good luck :)
0.8074 Thx for sharing your perspective with us :)
0.802 Best of luck with your next step Travis.
0.7845 Yah - we were motivated to ship functionality to players fast despite the fact that our underlying architecture was super flawed.

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-0.5106 That's sick
-0.504 What weapons do you have? What is your opening combo?
-0.4877 So does life :(
-0.4767 To figure out what you're doing wrong requires understanding what you are currently doing.
-0.3744 Actually it was more about our lack of capabilities.
-0.3595 No AFK for u!
-0.357 I can't wait :)
-0.296 Actually it's a quantifiable loss that we estimate to be in the tens of millions - and we have no expectation this will reduce churn or increase new players .
-0.296 No I'm Tryndamere
-0.2901 It doesn't matter if you believe otherwise, you are simply ignorant in that case.
-0.25 Doesn't happen to me - I'm stuck on stage 9 boss and have been for 3 weeks
-0.25 Do you know how to animation cancel ? I'm a 292 CP nightblade and melt stuff single target or in groups.