/u/Try-to-be-objective is kind of a dick.

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0.9217 Because doing what's easier is always better than doing what help someone cope better when you're not there to do what's easy.
0.8126 And that people think each of us is a unique little flower who'll do "it" better because they're smarter, wiser or want it more.
0.7964 The smart move to build a better world is to fit in or check out.
0.7864 There's a lot more good reasons to not murder from a sheer practical point of view than there are to do it.
0.7845 Focus on your strengths, embrace the things you're good at.
0.6908 Thanks that's a helpful answer.
0.6808 But I also want people to be accepting of my own special traits.
0.6705 And those of us left will produce stronger and better adapted offspring.
0.6444 So if that's natural selection, the "fitter" thinkers forcing the others to be like them.
0.6369 The best thing I could do is take that brain and apply it to furthering knowledge for humanity.
0.6249 I really need someone who can be objective about this to help me find a path to solving my conundrum.

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-0.9197 Murder can be really messy, a dead body is a health hazard if you don't deal with it properly.
-0.9136 The worst thing I could do is get involved with other humans who would become increasingly uncomfortable around me and regret the time wasted on me.
-0.8481 Murder is not undoable, you cant fix it if you made a mistake, if the victim has some knowledge you need.
-0.8439 As one who suffers from mental illness I find this offensive!
-0.8422 Why is is wrong to tolerate her and right to tolerate a disruptive kid? I disapprove of what she said, but I will defend to the death her right to say it.
-0.8316 To accuse me of trolling seems to me as much of a defect in the typical personality as most people would consider my inability to get all emotional and outraged about it.
-0.8074 And when the polar bear trapped on an ice drift floats away they die.
-0.7964 Maybe they had some tragedy in their life and are having a problem dealing with it.
-0.7632 It probably won't matter, it could hurt, you could make things worse.
-0.7579 To have pursued any of those relationships would have been selfish and hurt too many people.
-0.7184 And if what I do makes people uncomfortable they're going to ask someone else, and cut me loose.
-0.7184 But when someone who is affected by that person gets upset and speaks up they are subject to similar threats.