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0.8947 If anything Trump came in and was giving FAR more respect and credit for intelligence than he has now proven he deserved.
0.8687 Yeah, so great we can try to convince Republicans to contribute again while they do everything they can to destroy affordable care and turn us over to the mercy of the insurance industry.
0.8225 Yeah, the mods are like, super elite hackers or something and they can do all sorts of magic with reddit.
0.8164 Considering it doesn't make you stupid like alcohol I think it's the best choice for students, though it does make you lazy. Source: live in a marijuana legal state.
0.7959 The Trumpettes love chanting "lock her up!" and The_Donald has made it clear rule of law is irrelevant when it's about your political opponents.
0.7906 It's like the Trumpets who screamed about Clinton giving a speech at Goldman-Sachs, then shutting up like good little rats when Trump hires a Goldman-Sachs exec for his cabinet.
0.7845 I'm glad some people can't figure out that super simple filtering feature.
0.7828 Since Assange and Wikileaks went Republican to help the GOP win the election I honestly don't care what happens to either of them.
0.7615 What's funny is finding out Trump engages in drug fueled whore parties and this douche tries to claim this good good is on drugs.
0.7579 You idiots are being played like a piano to protect Trump and deflect from his issues.
0.7522 Kicking his tiny feet against the floor as she screams "Pooty is my only friend and I don't CARE what he did to help me win!" This is what that vacuum of intelligence known as T_D supports.

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-0.9524 Now we're trying to get this scumbag you voted for to follow the rules and stop being an unethical and immoral piece of shit.
-0.9295 They infected and ruined all they touched, so now they post the most ignorant crap while shouting "We won!" to any criticism of Trump.
-0.9224 You guys managed to shit all over for a little while but people hate Scump so much already you're being squeezed down to your few nasty little toilets.
-0.9134 Let's check and we'll see if you've figured out what a stupid mistake Trump voters made. Let's meet in a year to see how badly you folks fuck this up. RemindMe!
-0.9118 To cry about Clinton while ignoring Trump just shows you are all lying to yourselves, as though lying will change something.
-0.9032 You guys who are upset that people are not outraged because the criminals were black should go check out /r/alt-right, it's a racist toilet that will hate them enough for you.
-0.8968 Thousands of drone strikes and civilians murdered, but you losers want to complain that Obama didn't end it fast enough?
-0.891 Not having the hot mess of the Republican War dumped is lap, that's not the reason those strikes when on?
-0.872 Trump is a lying sack of shit who thinks he's going to fool Mexico into paying for it.
-0.8625 Ted Cruz is a sad piece of shit and an embarrassment to the US of A.
-0.8481 And coming in we have the Scump, tool of the Russian mob, anti-environmentalist, liar, rapist, and creep.
-0.8442 Hell, we give a fuck about any human being.