/u/True_Eaglelibrarian is kind of a dick.

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0.9294 Since Reddits birth, these euphoric edgelords have gone against the grain of popular opinion with the idea that it makes them more enlightened and intelligent.
0.9121 There's probably nothing more terrifying to a redditor than a successful, smart, conventionally attractive 19 year old girl.
0.9062 Be yourself, love yourself, love your neighbor, be a good person and live your life.
0.8658 If there's a majority opinion or a rising well of support for something, you can bet the enlightened euphoriacs will come in shortly and they're bringing their devil's avocados to the party.
0.8286 LOL I love this.
0.7506 100%. We recommend people get those payasyougo cheap smart phones when helping them get back on their feet.
0.743 Yeah, this is bullshit and I'm sure the motivation is elementary at best.
0.7096 I hope this girl has a great mother, because her father seems like a steaming pile of shit.
0.6956 It's as if the middle ground between "gas the jews" and "let's not" isn't a favorable outcome. What discourse do these free speech warriors want?
0.6908 Do friends with benefits just blow your mind?
0.6761 If my partner presents interest in polygamy, they aren't wrong.

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-0.9286 Not to be too controversial, but I think if you own people as livestock and go to war to defend that right, you're at least *slightly* more racist than the people that don't own other people.
-0.8952 If you admit that you're abusing children, all three of those professions must report it and are not covered by privilege you fucking disgusting fuck.
-0.8922 This guy, Mahad Cassim had his life ruined because of this evil woman's accusations.
-0.8641 Forgive my vidya ignorance but wasn't there a transgender character in Mass Effect that made the nerds lose their shit and start flipping tables about Bioware SJWs?
-0.8553 You started by saying it wasn't a great comparison to compare people who used smallpox infested blankets to people who used plague bombs and intentionally infected people using chemical weapons.
-0.8439 Please explain how Zach Jesse happens and then we can talk about how rape accusations are the most dangerous thing on the planet.
-0.8398 Guy doesn't deserve to be beaten with a bat, but he sure as fuck doesn't deserve to walk around with signs saying 'women deserve to be raped' without criticism.
-0.8375 I'll never understand why white people get so personally offended when it's pointed out that people like **white supremacists** are fucking racist as shit.
-0.8201 Your counter is no different than, "Slavery was bad, but no one in my family owned slaves, so it's not my problem."
-0.802 Being a dick, and literally causing physical harm and destruction of someone else's property for fun.
-0.7717 You've lost me, "dude." Is this a troll, devil's avocado or arguing just to argue?