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0.96 G it's so good to see you :) You're most welcome for my sharing. I hope you'll enjoy the Scotitshness soon ;)
0.9572 Thank you so much for commenting, it's so encouraging to know you enjoyed the immersion especially. Stay awesome :)
0.9493 You're welcome and I'm very glad to hear that I can help with your insomnia Sweet dreams :)
0.939 Coming from as masterful a performer as yourself, I'm honoured you thought so! Cheers and have a great bank holiday!
0.9348 Hahaha, the number of times I've considered posting one of those afterwards... anyway, thanks again for posting! Keep being awesome :)
0.9336 Definitely, definitely added to the saved list. Thank you for the superb read Nickel, I'm looking forward to hearing it filled. Vive la France!
0.9311 I listened to this all the way through while I was doing some painting and I agree with Clouds, it's super relaxing. I'm so happy you opened up your sub!
0.9299 *skips in with a cheery smile and makes the effort to clink glasses with everyone present* I hope everyone's been well and irresponsibly enjoying themselves occasionally! Now...
0.9201 Thank you mods, for being the thoughtful bastions of this glorious place some of us call a home-away-from-home :)
0.9177 Haha! Yes, it's true - I talked to nothing but fresh, dew-covered grass and it was a gloriously short conversation :)
0.9151 This was such an amazing listen, thank you for posting. "Sweetcakes - god knows where she picked that up" - great line! *his re-play*

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-0.6356 Plus, there's nothing more satisfying to me than riding downhill after a gruelling ascent! **If money was no object, what would you do all day?
-0.5983 Holy shit, what a debut?!.
-0.5106 d) If I shot him when I met him, Id be out of prison now.
-0.4588 I'm not a big experimenter when it comes to food from having a few unfortunate occasions of food-poisoning and realising I have a quite sensitive stomach.
-0.3612 I guess it depends on the obstacle.
-0.3595 No limits!**
-0.3164 Needless to say that tidbit alone caught my imagination!
-0.296 Fortunately, no I haven't.
-0.1779 Hahah But seriously, I remember one time in winter we were going at it during a particularly gruesome storm.
-0.0516 Thank you so much for letting me know there's a problem.
-0.0258 Either way, matching sets are sexy as fuck and forward-thinking is extra-sexy. **Would you rather walk, ride a bike, ride a horse, drive a Harley, or fly a plane?**
-0.0096 b) In the end, its not going to matter how many breaths I took, but how many moments took my breath away.