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0.9696 Thanks! - - - your temps are reassuring. It seems I wouldn't regret it, but I will definitely check out reviews for the Fractal Meshify C. It looks like a sexy case at an amazing price point
0.9348 227, congratulations to who wins this. Very generous of you OP :)
0.875 awesome news, thanks :)
0.8625 Thank you After examining your excel data I have a better understanding of your method. unfortunately your proposed solution isn't a "perfect" solution.
0.8555 Thank you :) I was thinking something along those lines, but always great to hear it from someone with experience.
0.8268 These are some really nice references. I'm definitely going to check these out. Thanks
0.8172 Thanks for your input! It looks like sublime + a linter is a nice compromise
0.8122 Thank you! This will help me out alot. Thanks for your time
0.8122 Your giveaway is truly glorious!
0.81 And I really like the advantages you explained in your post. Thank you for your time to explain this to me!
0.8096 Thank you, This confirms what I've been thinking. You explained your points well, so thanks for your time

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-0.3919 Depends heavily on the material. I'm looking into 3mm plywood or 6mm. With 6mm you get more depth, but is slower to cut.
-0.3412 Or Why not? Thanks
-0.2168 Is flashing the BIOS 100% necessary? Or could I build my first rig without flashing the BIOS?
0.0 Regardless of which editor I choose
0.0 It is a real product! Check this out: https://www.blum.com/us/en/01/50/20/30/
0.0 I found that these lines are being displayed this way because of how area graphs work. Nothing to change to my delta x. I'm going with the workaround I found
0.0 I will check the robot wants series out.
0.0 Nee buiten alternate heb ik geen alternatief meer voor Belgi
0.0 What site do you use for belgium? Ik ben ook van Belgi, en gebruik voornamelijk alternate. Heb jij een beter alternatief?
0.0 And was considering a cheap one.
0.0 But maybe I'll use your suggestion
0.0 I see what you mean.