/u/Topf_Pflanze is kind of a dick.

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0.8425 That was absolutely awesome, full justice boner mixed with banter
0.7641 Looks pretty much like a hit and run to me, doesnt even stop for one second after the hit.
0.7096 Hey, thanks for the offer, I got it figured out :)
0.6498 Wasser mit Zitrone find ich so ekelhaft :D
0.6369 He is downvoted because the left turner needs to yield and make sure it's safe to go.
0.5994 Lmao thats actually the region I live in.
0.5859 True, older mercedes or BMWs are no luxury cars and can be bought pretty cheap.
0.5835 Lol at the downvotes, this is absolutely true, people dont like being behind a truck
0.5562 Wow your such a tough guy!
0.4939 And who would care about you?
0.4902 Our speeding tickets are laughable and Poland is a neighbour country so i'm interested

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-0.9052 Not jumping on any side who caused the actual accident but assaulting someone is always bad.
-0.8402 Just fuck off with this bullshit.
-0.8176 There should be zero blame on the cammer and full blame on the moron cutting through.
-0.802 Make these dumb cunts realise what a luxury it is to drive.
-0.7572 I drive a ford as well and have noticed that the A pillar is horrible for left corners, I pay extra attention but it's really poor design.
-0.743 Nothing worse than watching a chase where the cunt gets away, anyone got some news about this?
-0.7407 LEDs are so cringe, that shit doesn't even look good in games..
-0.7118 Jaywalker like this piss me off because I never know if the fucker is going to step in front of my car.
-0.7096 If I'd had to pay 10 for every yellow I could've stopped I'd be already bankrupt
-0.6808 I'll just back into people, they were in my blind spot no chance this is my fault
-0.6697 I'd be more pissed than just "having it on my mind" if it's happening so often.
-0.6187 People freak out over phones but being distracted by the camera seems fine...