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0.8991 That's what I love about Uncial, how it's more forgiving and free than Roman caps, and how it has so many variations after being around for hundreds of years.
0.8705 There are some videos from instructors as well, but as with the in-person classes, you need to trust you're using a good resource.
0.8519 Not sure; fair use looks like a pretty understood exception that this wouldn't fall under.
0.8519 It's a good two-way learning street, where you might learn something about why they made certain choices, and where they might benefit from a fresh pair of eyes.
0.8516 Some people recommend a mixture with ammonia in it, like Windex, to make sure it's completely clean of oil.
0.8122 I think it's showing great improvement!
0.807 Thanks, that's a great idea!
0.7712 Like you said, this is a place for learning and growing, not just "ooh, let's watch the pretty pen make marks on the page!" videos .
0.7531 STUNNING. *tears hair out and cries* Seriously, you have such a knack for composition, and the letters themselves are just lovely.
0.75 Thanks, friend!
0.7476 How is it fair that you have such wonderful pointed pen AND broad edge??

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-0.6249 It was a bit of a disaster.
-0.611 I can understand picking a pilot parallel pen over a dip pen, but I have more trouble considering a smaller fountain pen nib.
-0.5994 What I *do* know is that when that happens to me , and I take the time to thoroughly wipe my nib, I stop having that problem. Take it as you will.
-0.5707 Sorry if I've been spamming the sub a bit; I finally have some more time for calligraphy in my life again!
-0.5411 I got infected by this earworm the other day, and now I can't get the 90's out of my head!
-0.5267 Unless you're using vellum, make your correction *first* over the wrong letter, then when it's completely dried, start with the straight X-acto blade and make cuts around the correct letter.
-0.5255 Take some time, think about what went wrong, and then give it another shot!
-0.5014 But this is exactly why I don't have one :D
-0.481 I use this as my standard practice paper, and I have to say I've never had this problem.
-0.4767 Terrible interpretations of the scripts, for the most part.
-0.4767 This makes it worse.
-0.4588 Then, I stupidly try to add contrast by painting around it.