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0.8794 Thank you for your answer! The motherboard that I'm going to be using is the ASRock B85M Pro4 and doesn't seem to have support for vPro, so it seems like that more RAM is the better option.
0.8478 Oh okay, well good luck then!
0.8316 The save file location of AC IV: BF is \Program Files \Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\\437 Thanks in advance for your help
0.8268 That looks great, AFAIK everything should be compatible. Have fun building & using your new pc!
0.7906 Looks like a good build, but why do you have a locked CPU but an overclock friendly motherboard?
0.7712 He sure has some great video's!
0.765 I don't see any major incompatibilities orso, looks like a great build for ~$650
0.7579 What's the best <50 CPU cooler I can get which I can use to cool my i5-4690k?
0.7574 Thank you for confirming it, also happy cake day!
0.7548 you should ask at /r/3dprinting , oh and they also have a really good wiki :)
0.7501 you could either save some money on going for a H87 motherboard or go for more performance with an unlocked CPU which you can overlock. That said, the Intel build looks really good.

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-0.5105 That's really cool, but unfortunately not everyone has services like that nearby :(
-0.3732 But I don't think I can help you with finding a white PSU, sorry.
-0.3412 Running Windows 7 on your Plex Server build might not be a good idea, since Windows 7 is for desktops and not for servers.
-0.296 No, this is a word.
-0.1232 Probably not as high and not as cool as with liquid cooling, but you can still overclock with it.
-0.1232 I'm not sure what motherboard you should get, but that power supply should be enough for your system.
-0.0772 Oh sorry, I thought they fixed it
-0.0665 Everything looks good, and no you don't need any special tools for building your PC, you might need a regular screwdriver though.
0.0 It is the name of the chipset that the motherboard uses.
0.0 What extra features does the i5-4590 offer?
0.0 As far as I can see it only has a base / turbo clock that's a bit higher than the i5-4460.