/u/Throwaway_Mae is very positive!

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0.9647 Congratulations on the way to be super awesome, this is a good idea to be in my heart. Great prompt!
0.9412 :) Best of luck finding a good partner to play with, and have an upvote! xo
0.9313 I am happy to hear of the positive impact DPP has had for you, and hope you continue to heal and have wonderful experiences here and elsewhere.
0.9306 Yes, but we worked it out long ago and things are perfectly lovely now.
0.9217 :) Welcome, Ben, and best of luck finding your hot H-cupped MILF.
0.9184 DL! This is amazing and epic and perfect and I love it.
0.9151 :) Good luck finding a fantastic 23B!
0.8979 <3 There are lots of people making great comments all the time though -- HP has a bunch, Gwen linked to one in this thread that I loved at the time...
0.8883 I found a cat relevant to your interests.] :) Best of luck!
0.8868 OK MORE LATER MUST EAT NACHOS NOW. PS: Please don't #notallDPPmen me, I'm well aware that there are awesome guys here.
0.886 <3 This is lovely; may you find a wonderful partner.

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-0.8422 I can over-commit and get overwhelmed and flake, but these are just facets of my winning personality, not some confirmation that all of the women on DPP are selfish, lazy bitches.
-0.8034 How the HELL did I miss cheese day?!
-0.7935 As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, my fears were confirmed. I'm getting too old for this shit.
-0.771 :/ Frankly, I _can_ totally be awful at replying and following through but that's just because *I personally* suck.
-0.7579 Accidentally drop the call.* 10:35 -- *Stomach full of ~~frosting~~ hummus, attempt call again, repeating "Operator" stupidly into the void while DPP Inc.
-0.7351 Annnnnd it was awkward as hell.
-0.6608 I'm not a natural writer, and writing can be a hard and painful slog at times for me.
-0.6557 Yesssssss, we needed a British mod! Now to be very, very bad.
-0.5719 I think all the women here could curate their own gallery of terrible, awkward cockshots.
-0.5574 Shit, I never know.
-0.5267 If you're frustrated about your experience on DPP,don't vent it all over the subreddit.
-0.5256 That said, hearing this makes me really sad.