/u/Thistlegnome is very positive!

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0.8501 Did me a heckin bamboozle, I was like 'where did this perfect fruit come from?!' Haha!!
0.8268 Omg sweetie you're the best!
0.8207 Prompt and polite, thank you so much, I love the items!! https://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/67kpb5/comment/dgr6t6c?st=J1YAVSWB&sh=0d544038
0.8074 I had become overwhelmed with a great amount of interest in my sales trade, and she was so patient and understanding.
0.8074 Yep we're already friends :)
0.8065 5/5 Immensely generous and kind mayor! I participated in her giveaway, and received a golden tool!
0.802 Yes thats still available, I'll let you know when I'm ready :)
0.7712 Thank you for visiting, you are a delight!
0.7692 Thank you so much hun, its very much appreciated!!
0.7579 I'm interested in your lovely phone
0.75 Hope you enjoy the bush starts!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5983 Yikes I think the net died, I reopened my gates!
-0.5574 Edit: net died, reopening gates
-0.5499 Sorry but we'll have to do this later, a irl emergency popped up.
-0.4914 So sorry about the delay!
-0.4389 Sorry about the delay!
-0.4389 Sorry for the delay!
-0.4389 Sorry for the delay, Bit of a slow trade I'll get to you as soon as I can!
-0.2942 Whoops for delayed reply, went to get snack!
-0.2481 Unfortunately someone already bought the pizza, but I still have the pasta and tacos!
-0.1511 I'll still give you a tip ;) Hehe no rush hun!
-0.1511 Sorry, I'm only trading 1:1 tradelist: wishlist item atm!
-0.1511 Retail isn't selling a regular one today sorry!