/u/Thirty_Thirty is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9643 Love love love it when a cute girl gets her sexy dirty look on :)
0.9632 Wow wow wow amazing tits and gorgeous face need more!!
0.9369 Mmmm I damm LOVE those huge nipples more please sexy!!!
0.9274 Someone with a few base core values like integrity, trustworthy, caring and in most cases unselfish .
0.9136 unique is what makes us all special and different and why we all fall in love and are sexually attracted to different people :)
0.9081 Love it and love the uniform :)
0.9055 Mmm love how they flop look like they have some amazing weight to them hehe nothing sexier than tits like urs on a petite girl
0.9033 That looks like one amazing squat butt hehe so dam perfect hun!!!
0.885 Mmmmmmmmm love it when a girl spreads her holes like that especially one as sexy as you xxxx
0.8779 wow that sounds like an unbelievable offer :)
0.8777 Fk me i love those tits of yours and that gorgeous smile and face hehe!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8074 Damn that is one hell of a body
-0.75 Ignore the dumbass!
-0.7303 how in the hell are you 31???
-0.4404 a common trend foe me when it comes to your posts
-0.4019 damn what a view hehe xxx
-0.3182 Hell if you were sat on the couch next to me i would have your top down like that permanently...
-0.296 The insta or snapchat wanna be famous girl is one i also avoid.
-0.2263 Im just gonna say that having you sit on my face would be an experiemce neither of us would forget hehe
-0.2263 you could sit on my face and i would have no complaints :)
-0.1779 Hell yesssss :) the things i would do to you ;)
-0.1531 my hands, lips and cock would just be all over you amd that body...
-0.0026 well if you don't like it don't read it..