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0.919 I had a lemon pack on for a day too until I saw a cucumber one at the Ables' XD I really love the variety of outfits the game gives you and change my look every other week :)
0.8977 Haha, thanks, glad to help!
0.8957 Thank you for your kind words, good day to you too :)
0.8768 I have a big landscaping project all mapped out, so this is a great help :) [Here's my RMM], if you have the time.
0.8764 The mayor stated the rules clearly and was very efficient - real pleasure to deal with! https://www.reddit.com/r/acturnips/comments/76yn3t/reese_buying_for_327/dohmg6p/
0.861 Really appreciate it :) Feel free to comment here when yours is up.
0.8271 Glad to help :)
0.8271 Thanks again, nice doing business with you as always :) [Here's my RMM,] if you have the time.
0.8264 5/5 Very sweet and polite mayor, sold me a bunch of saplings and bushes for a great price! https://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/6evzex/fst_bells_bush_starts_and_saplings_lf_minimalist/didgrla/
0.8221 Thank you again, that was really nice of you :)
0.807 Thanks again for hosting such a great price!

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-0.7184 That's a real shame :(
-0.5719 My rmm is archived at the moment, but Ill reply here when its up again.
-0.5719 I have to run, but Ill rate you as soon as I come back home.
-0.2263 No problem, I even remember you :)
-0.1477 Not taking any more visitors, sorry
-0.1419 It may not seem like much, but it took me a while to plan this little area.
-0.0191 The direction does not matter.
0.0 5/5 Came to their town to sell turnips.
0.0 Here is [my new RMM!]
0.0 My RMM is archived at the moment, but I have already requested it again, so I'll reply here when it's up.
0.0 The gate is open.
0.0 My town or yours?