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0.92 You seem to have a pretty good grasp on a lot of the places we are planning to go, so it would be super helpful for your input!
0.9052 I don't remember which episode it was, but here's a link to the sketch https://youtu.be/-OVpSpmXVo8 Hope that helps haha
0.8979 He's a talented guy, but will certainly need a little time to find and adjust to his role on the team... Once that happens though he will be great
0.8896 I'm in Canada but would be very happy to pay for shipping if I won
0.8622 Great cosplay though, love the half-tucked in shirt too!
0.862 Wow, thank you so much doddyk96, I really appreciate your feedback!
0.8588 Good luck, and have fun!
0.8395 That's an absolutely gorgeous finished product, congrats! I was just wondering how you got the pieces to stay together on the guide rods?
0.8271 That an individual with special needs can successfully run to be President of the United States
0.8176 Well I think we would all agree that it depends on what kind of games you like to play.
0.7908 I'm pretty sure it's made by AOL which is kind of hilarious, but its clean and handles all of my accounts ...

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-0.6705 Dip your toes in our pool of ranch by testing out the show on Youtube first - no reason to drop $80 for no complete reason
-0.5106 Prison husbands
-0.4588 It's banned in most urban areas of the country because the spit from it is so dark.
-0.4404 Tbh, if I didn't know what was going on and was standing in front of 20+ men all performing this sort of thing, I would be **very** intimidated
-0.4199 Everytime that commercial comes on my entire family *SCREAMS* "dishuse!" because it's so plainly obvious their advertising team sucks a bag of dicks
-0.3804 And I absolutely lost it at the picture of the holes in the wall from the "stud finder".
-0.2732 Those two guys played catch like it was their goddman day jobs. Never saw that advocacy group or that woman return to our school, but also none of us ended up hurting anyone.
-0.2617 Just be yourself, if you want to join the Greek Community you will have a blast, but it by no means is required to meet people. e: forgot "undergrad"
-0.2481 Since CloudMagic did that weird thing where they switched names and required people to start paying I switched to Alto!.
-0.1531 Only if your daughter married a complete dipshit like Jerry
-0.1027 I actually got all the money on time :o
-0.1027 Nah, I live in Canada