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0.9354 Gragas isn't as strong as he was but is still a great engage champion.
0.9349 This means they get stronger than the champions that peak earlier, strong early champions include people like Lee/Renekton.
0.9271 One major thing to bare in mind is that she is 86, she is somewhat lacking technologically, so something easy to use but not lacking in features is ideal. Thanks for your Help!
0.927 You should try to think about pushing out lanes ahead of time so you can do this. Hope that helped, feel free to ask any questions and will try to help the best I can.
0.926 Find a champ that you are both super comfortable on and one in which you are confident you can carry.
0.9246 Coin is good for sustaining both mana and health in lane, this helps if you want to play passive with supports like soraka.
0.9118 But super fun to play :)
0.9062 Trundle is strong at higher levels of play due to his utility and ability to tank and peel efficiently, for this reason I dare say Brand would be a stronger pick in Silver.
0.9008 He takes a while to get used to, but can be very strong when played well.
0.886 Abilities are fairly straightforward, characters are fun and community is pretty good imo.
0.8831 Secondly, play what you are comfortable on, If you feel happy on Shaco and feel you can carry with him dont let that stop you taking him to ranked.

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-0.9118 Generally as an Alistair in team fights you want to just get in the enemies faces, sit on top of the enemies carrys making their life hell.
-0.7783 Firstly, don't be afraid of ranked, worst possible scenario is that you lose.
-0.6613 If you know you can't win team fights and the enemy is grouping for drag, just shove top.
-0.6546 A job which rarely impresses the community sadly it seems.
-0.6486 Over Lytes dead body I would imagine.
-0.607 His major problem is that you can hinder not help people sometimes.
-0.5994 If they are stunned for 1s, that is 1s the enemy adc isn't autoing your face.
-0.5574 I suggest looking at the Riot YouTube Channel for the official release videos as they are quite informative.
-0.5574 No, its timed, you must have been late :/
-0.5423 If however you try to gank a 4/0 enemy Renekton it will result in both of your deaths.
-0.5423 From there look at roaming mid to gank, perhaps pick up scuttle, counter jungle the enemy.
-0.5267 Figure out how to pressure the map to draw the pressure away from your teammates so they can turtle.