/u/Theisos is kind of a dick.

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0.875 I'm hoping for the best with the rest of this... Who cares if Russia is invading Ukraine?
0.8316 They'll try woo one side in the hopes that the other will offer them a better deal.
0.7964 Try selling your one sided view to people who aren't fucking stupid or people who don't suck America's dick and tell me how it works out.
0.7964 We spoke in support of the self determination of a people; something that UN articles heavily support. 52% of the assembly voted against Russia.
0.7184 I sincerely hope, for your sake, that you're a troll.
0.7026 That won't be the bankrupt fucking government who removed laws supporting languages other than Ukrainian.
0.7003 Tatars of Crimea care far more about who is capable of running fucking Crimea.
0.7003 If RT is good enough for Wikipedia, it's good enough for reddit.
0.6808 They're better off with Russian support.
0.6808 I'm glad you found it amusing.
0.6652 The consensus by western sources is that they were Russian but how can anyone trust that?

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-0.9349 No NATO power is going to fight a bloody war over shitty Ukraine.
-0.8555 CNN just proved that those Ukrainians "fighting big bad Russia" are lying scum.
-0.8481 You think anyone gives a damn about Ukraine enough to fight a war for them?
-0.839 When the government conceded to demands because of the protesting, those fucking fascists violently took control of the country and declared themselves the government.
-0.8074 Fuck you, bitch.
-0.802 Yes...because everyone who shit talks shitty Ukraine is Russian.
-0.7906 Fuck your shill ass.
-0.7902 This is why my opinion matters and the opinion you're pulling out of your dumb fucking ass doesn't.
-0.7853 Isn't that nice... Edit: I got the country wrong; he's not entertaining heart eaters, he's entertaining [racist murderers].
-0.7845 You seriously expect me to sit here and believe that Yeltsin who was quick to fuck Russia up in the transition from communism to capitalism gave a damn about controlling Georgia?
-0.7783 What's weak is letting propaganda and criticism dictate your actions.
-0.7783 You quote why they're a threat and to whom they're a threat and somehow I haven't posted it?