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0.9231 My friend and I had a period where we would say with tv"host" voice "Cooongratulations sir, you were the first caller to go through and therefore you'll win the grand prize of 2 parsnips"
0.8893 Well paying for 30/30, got 50/50 for free the next 6 months or something, and I have 57/57 :3 Steam Games takes no time :D EDIT: Link: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3285599571
0.873 :D and thanks for the links to the subreddit and IRC :) EDIT: I see you have a config yml and a series yml?
0.8689 i think the best way is either to post some keys at a time, or just hand them out to random folks :p
0.8214 That sounds really cool too! Seems like I've got some testing to do. thanks!
0.807 Thank you! that looks exactly like what I need Gonna try that out then :)
0.7783 Well it is too good to be true, so i would have been cautiousness too
0.765 Is the best or should i be able to just work with config.yml :p
0.7587 So if Intel makes less cores more powerful cores this is more ideal to gaming because AMD makes more cores, but gaming only supports 4 cores?
0.7587 Yes, just didn't want to write my external ip out to everyone :D )
0.743 okay thanks, seems like it works properly then, think I'll try it out.

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-0.7579 wtf his own channel only has half the views, damn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OfbyNDiBKc
-0.7224 What the hell - That game looks awesome! Not much cooperative but hell, in co-op games most of the fun come from killing your friends anyway
-0.5859 Cool down bro I made a post first where i wrote the show's name but there was a mistake in it, so i remade the post, which made me forget to write the name of the show down again
-0.5434 You forgot Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones... That little bitch
-0.4767 Spamming the A button in pokemon when throwing a pokeball..
-0.395 yea but I just meant it does not look like the standard plastic case
-0.296 No, it does not
-0.2263 Everybody knows you have to pay 10.000 $ for a gaming rig that can outpeform the consoles, trololol
-0.2123 Does anyone know any alternatives to some more premium looking Pi cases because im getting so tired of all the plastic/transparent cases This one in brushed aluminium is looking real good
-0.0772 I got my first phone Nokia 3310 when I was 6-7 years old Easy way to get in contact with your parents and played the hell out of Snake.
0.0 Var kun p SU i lidt under et r inden videregende s de fleste penge rg p opsparing da jeg vidste at jeg skulle flytte til sommer...ogs kebabsandwiches
0.0 Det vil komme alle med en rsindkomst p over 340.000 kroner til gode. Jeg forstr ikke helt denne del, hvorfor kommer det ikke alle med en rsindkomst p over 30k til gode?