/u/Thediggitydank is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.891 Thank you, hope your summer is great as well
0.8658 thank you, you're a sweetheart <3
0.8415 Im happy you still want me around :D
0.8316 thank you for the kind words <3
0.8316 I had to edit it way down this time, glad you liked it :)
0.8271 I hope it was good for you <3
0.8225 thank you, I appreciate the kind words
0.7717 practice makes perfect :)
0.7717 hello lovely lady <3
0.7626 I haven't stopped posting, just busy with summer activities :) thanks btw
0.7603 I agree, I'm getting a massage later :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7321 still not sure how he avoided getting crushed or eaten by the dog
-0.6249 ugh yeah that's just as bad
-0.5848 Fuck me it's an u/iamshyguy comment!
-0.5719 I have seriously neglected my people and for that I apologize
-0.5574 A shit ton of errands, one child's wrist fracture set, and three pieces of furniture assembled.
-0.5423 Fuck the prenup?
-0.5423 gotta get the poison out somehow
-0.5267 Fuck me silly.
-0.3612 You're a sight for sore eyes
-0.296 We missed y'all too
-0.2584 these synthesizers aren't going to play themselves
-0.1027 Then you've missed a significant portion of my crazy...