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0.923 Wow, thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!
0.9136 That's pretty high praise, haha, thanks.
0.9022 Awesome, that's great to hear, thanks
0.8779 Cheers, Happy to hear you enjoyed it.
0.8718 Haha, Thanks, I'm really happy with how that bit turned out.
0.8591 Wow, thanks a lot for sharing this, it means a lot.
0.8589 I'm not too sure, but I'm hoping not to stop animating so something is definitely coming.
0.8478 wow, this is awesome!
0.8398 Thanks, glad you liked it!
0.836 Oh Wow, that's great to hear.
0.8225 I'd love to see a really run-down version of the hall of justice .

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7717 It's annoys me a bit how people say Bane is a bad choice for a fighting game, a character where his whole thing is his honour code to fight batman one-on-one .
-0.6126 The first half was done in odd bits because I didn't have much free time.
-0.5848 Hey, You're making the rest of us look bad!
-0.5719 Injustice beta?
-0.5423 Mad Hamster, And if I get good enough, eventually "The" Mad Hamster
-0.4019 Sorry for the rant
-0.3052 This is so weird to hear now.
-0.296 No cape for the counter possibly?
-0.296 Beta symbol is missing.
-0.296 No, I haven't.
-0.2732 Would you rather stop Brainiac's plan or dance with a silly man?
-0.2263 No problem man, It's one of my favorite bits too.