/u/TheMasterPlan114 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8676 Absolutely gorgeous, would love to see more of you
0.8481 Some look best with a small B, others can rock a DD just as well or better.
0.8422 Amazing tits! And very sexy nipples ;)
0.8402 Haha it definitely shows when a woman actually enjoys the cum.
0.8384 Absolutely gorgeous and sexy.
0.836 I would love to hear a success story on this one
0.8264 You should be proud, they are absolutely gorgeous!
0.8225 Wow, just wow
0.802 She certainly looks like fun
0.764 You look absolutely stunning, and that hair is really sexy.
0.7506 Those sweet sexy legs....

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 Holy fuck those tits!
-0.6669 Damn, those tits have me so hard.
-0.6238 Anytime my gf gave me road head, something about sucking cock in a car made her so damn horny.
-0.5898 An open mind, there's so much to experience in life that it really sucks when the person closest to you isn't as excited about them as you are.
-0.4767 I think I've been going to the wrong bars
0.0 First road head.
0.0 Looking forward to hearing about it.
0.0 Those eyes!
0.0 I came here to say the exact same thing
0.0 None probably
0.0 Asian of course
0.0 Face of course