/u/TheHadMatter is kind of a dick.

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0.8658 ah yes, the good old days when child safety meant being responsible for your child.
0.8555 its just trump playing on sore points in america so he can get easy favoritism, similar to what the nazi party did to win germany.
0.8548 youtube wants to pander to the biggest audience and ensure the content creators that help them with that the most remain successful.
0.7906 lol, i love when people feel the need to justify something to a stranger.
0.7096 better luck next time i suppose.
0.7003 enjoy your youth while it lasts kid, the real world is going to eat you alive.
0.7003 a healthy diet requires 3 healthy meals, but when you aren't home for most or all of them it makes it hard to accomplish.
0.6872 none of us know who you are, so i find it safe to assume you're here for the internet points like the rest of us.
0.6602 you aren't still angry, you just get angry when some one reminds you to be.
0.6597 in fact, like trump, he also had some ideas to improve on the existing laws.
0.6597 i'm done, that was the nail in the coffin that was any hope for you to sound like you knew what you were talking about.

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-0.8316 still call you a lying faggot.
-0.83 so while the poor have cheap rice and beans, they still have no time to prepare them, leading to wasted food.
-0.8275 many people do not have friends and family that live close to them, and the friends and family are probably going to be in the same shitty position.
-0.8271 i think he pissed you off bad, and it shows.
-0.822 it makes me not feel so bad for all the terrible immigration incidents in your country currently.
-0.8126 eventually they'll figure out a way to remove corrupt and incompetent policemen or they'll all be dead.
-0.7845 might as well say all whites are racist because hitler was racist.
-0.7717 you just needed to shit on someone because your game isn't working, and picked the wrong person.
-0.7506 if someone is poor they can't afford a slow cooker, and those who do not have a set schedule or a unpredictable commute are going to come home to ruined food if they try to set it and leave it going.
-0.7469 im not saying trump is literally Hitler, but he is an election and a war away from it.
-0.743 my thought on directed energy weapons are similar to my thoughts on the heart attack gun.
-0.7351 just because you hate that i am right, doesn't mean what i am doing is spam.