/u/TheCowNamedCAU is a total dick!

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0.8976 You would start out usually good, legitimately good, then enderpearl away, and when you came back you never missed a hit and timed everything perfectly to the tick.
0.7717 I would love some Fit Nees xdxdxdxd 7.
0.7579 If you want to accuse someone of something serious like that you'd better have some good evidence to back your claims or you're out.
0.6808 You've been unbanned, but be careful about sharing accounts in the future.
0.5232 It's a game and we're here to play, if you don't want to play in a way that fits the rules, leave.
0.5106 At least I'll actually be able to get on again once the server's back :3
0.5106 If you're adventuring (esp.
0.4939 {$end multiline} OCR process ended successfully .
0.4939 Answered question: Why does the AI care so much about its own humanity?
0.4939 ORC process ended successfully .
0.4767 lol that first sentence in #2 4.

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-0.9623 From what I can tell OP is trying to say "Violence is bad, Nazis are also bad," and somehow the "violence is bad" part is read as "Antifa is bad, Nazis are good."
-0.9216 I'm tired of all your toxic shit making chats completely useless for anything besides shit flinging.
-0.9159 It's been months since then, I have nothing but doubt that you couldn't have known that he was banned and from the looks of the logs your "friend" had no intention to stop cheating.
-0.9118 As you can recall, ban evading is bannable and while the discord isn't the game server itself it is an official extension of it that I'm tired of having make stupid and unnecessary bans in.
-0.91 If they're doing it just to be an ass, ignore them, mute them, block them, ban them, whatever you think it takes.
-0.9001 but what if, JUST HEAR ME OUT ON THIS FAGGOTS, what if you used an alt to run the lag machine
-0.8807 If your ban were based on bias and salt there wouldn't have been an 18 hour interim between the battles and the ban. 5.
-0.8777 I've "accidentally" completely destroyed spawn a couple times, you can only be banned for cheating .
-0.8746 If a decision has been made there is little to no chance of it being revoked. If a ban or other punishment was done unfairly it is up to the person punished to deal with it.
-0.8625 You were banned for connecting from the same network/account as someone that was banned for cheating.
-0.8384 FATAL ERROR: Cliffhanger detected!
-0.836 Just as "friends of that guy that was just banned" are ignored for cheaters they will be ignored for other ban reasons as well.