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0.9382 I'm really sorry that happened to your friend, hopefully they'll catch these guys soon, but still thanks for sharing, you take care too
0.9141 Thanks, happy Eid to yourself as well :D
0.8555 Yeah sure I understand, again thanks dude :)
0.8481 Sounds fun I'll check out trip advisor thanks :)
0.8316 Good idea I already posted this on r/de didn't know there were two German subreddits, will do thanks :)
0.8176 Welcome, you'll fit right in :)
0.8126 Interesting read, thanks for sharing
0.7703 Soooo, is this the premise for a sci-fi novel because if so, then great job on the fictional part, you couldn't have strayed further away from reality
0.7096 Hmmm okayyyy, I'll check that out, thanks dude :)
0.7096 Thanks I'll post there :)
0.6956 I hope so, things aren't looking *too* bad right now 2.

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-0.853 I'm not sure tbh, but I doubt it and I doubt they'd let it happen anyways since no one would want to be held accountable if things go south
-0.5859 Cue pessimistic Egyptian Redditors downvoting and explaining how that's obviously *not* a good thing and that Egypt is ultimately and forever doomed and beyond saving
-0.4215 Guilty of nr.
-0.25 Yeah I fear you're right...
-0.2263 Yep, youngsters don't mind but old schoolers get offended
-0.1295 Oh okay got it, don't suppose it's easy to get ftth though huh?
-0.1207 What activities are there in dahab btw? Where should I stay if I don't want the fancy schmancy hotel experience but rather a lodge or a cabin or something?
0.0 What compounds?
0.0 Last time I went the ticket was for one pound so..
0.0 Tl;Dr anyone?
0.0 Sinai I think
0.0 I'd be down