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0.9325 Great reflection, thank you for that. I was wondering, what are you referring to when mentioning feeds with "how to take a picture like that"? Thanks in advance :)
0.9169 Good luck :) A parting line might look good as well.
0.9062 Besides that, I love the photos, composition looks great :)
0.886 That's friken awesome , I'd love to see how you did this as well
0.8825 LOL, they do look dark, but it's funny how they make your vision too dark as well
0.8653 Very well written with examples and contains just so much info that I hope I will now begin to see in my own work. Thanks for helping me out!
0.8439 might look better with it combed to one side or to the back, good luck!
0.836 Good luck :)
0.8271 Thanks for sharing :)
0.8257 I'm not sure what country you're in, but a good way to go is check online for a second hand tripod, or at a garage sale.
0.8201 It's nice hair, styled nicely, doesn't look bad.

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-0.6486 What did you use to shoot this? The flash is too harsh
-0.541 Man, in a few moths your hair will look so damn fierce.
-0.4567 But if you can't stand them, yeah just cut your hair short and they'll all grow together.
-0.4019 During awkward phase, half my family/friends were telling me to cut it, it was rough.
-0.4003 Rules of third) and maybe try some different angles when you shoot!
-0.3818 I also have to disagree with this.
-0.3412 If not, it's all good.
-0.3071 Not bad, but I think a bit longer (ex.
-0.296 It will look a bit weird as the little hairs come in, and may be annoying, but they'll catch up before you know it.
-0.296 There's no way a hairdryer won't work.
-0.2912 I'm not really a fan of that part, it flattens your hair too much.
-0.2846 You can keep getting this combover cut, but leave the top alone and let it grow.