/u/Th3lorax is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Any one have any ideas the best way to go about giving away our stuff, IE: Falador party box or something.
0.743 When you make a turn you are responsible for ensuring you have a safe path.
0.7184 - Cool Kid 2016 Edit: finally finished watching, Kid wins, hands down.
0.6597 Biggest takeaway is this "muzzle brake have better recoil than muzzle brake + lasersight combo" Thank you for making this video.
0.6249 While I appreciate that streamers are your marketing team, They shouldn't be doing so with elevated privs, they are here to play the game and earn revenue based on that.
0.6124 While in part this is an issue of searching for greener grass, there is definitely some truth to these issues. 2) In this video, There are 4 people present.
0.6124 They are capable of determining much more information than a simple IP check to see if an account is shared.
0.6077 Please update London - Prerelease Barren to latest so people can play out the rest of the week.
0.5659 Which I wasnt disputing, i just wanted to see their rules listed so I could decide if i wanted to continue to play there.
0.4939 Shortly after we agreed to remove a section of the base to create a tunnel for the road, mandy said another admin was going to talk with us, That was Redfyre.
0.4754 Some believe F7 to be a placebo button, which could be entirely true.

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-0.8271 After building a tower directly in front of their base and letting them kill me over and over until sufficient evidence was collected for them to be banned.
-0.8176 Fighting people who are using these scripts are cheaters, This problem has caused me to stop playing.
-0.7688 This makes it really hard to kill them or pick them up.
-0.7655 Not really sure why that last one, I just figured it was because my guy was slowly sliding on the corner of the hatch. TLDR; Common bug, Happens when server rejects damage to prevent cheaters.
-0.765 This recording starts after 2 of their members are banned for cheating.
-0.7602 For Canadian Law, if you turn and end up in a collision, you are always at fault for "turning not in safety" as far as I am aware.
-0.7579 From what I understand, Basically the server rejected your damage because there was mismatched information between client and server.
-0.7506 Maybe I'm alone on this, but I always feel that uploading shit about peoples RL to be scummy af.
-0.7501 This is extremely frustrating if you are working on your base and want to destroy a shelf for relocation.
-0.6908 Shortly after we run into some people messing with some of the remains of our base and we kill them a bit while they are deleting parts of the base.
-0.6705 The first guy that jumps in to fight is one of their primary cheaters.
-0.6597 Condensed footage of 2 hours of fighting cheaters.