/u/Teikun is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8868 I would also like to join the Ice party :D
0.8868 Yummy Dragonair in exchange for a cute giraffe :D
0.8625 Let my Psychic party join your Electric party then :)
0.8481 Good luck finding what you want :)
0.836 1263-6563-1683 Help me find out what pokemons my Friend Safari contains and I shall do the same to you :)
0.836 Good luck finding one :)
0.8271 Hope you get lucky and find a Growlithe safari, bro :)
0.8176 I would like you to have my Psychic garden in exchange for that cute 'lil Togepi :)
0.8126 Surely someone else's happiness is worth a single sword or two?
0.7964 Others are welcome to add me as well :)
0.7845 Others are welcome to add me as well, as long as you leave a reply to let me know :)

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.9169 A Wonderful Life feels kinda weird for me, but holy hell, Rune Factory 4, me likey! Also heard that Harvest Moon games developed by Natsume from The Lost Valley onwards went to crap.
-0.6908 Why not grind Training Tower for 3SP per kill instead?
-0.5707 Disgusting!
-0.5423 Your FS is Poison, with Cascoon, Garbodor and Toxicroak
-0.4559 Faye yandere jokes are in! Just according to keikaku! Disgusting.
-0.0772 Sorry I didn't reply faster.
0.0 I've been looking for that Gabite for a long time.
0.0 Added, been looking for that Gabite for forever.
0.0 Psychic for Psychic!
0.0 A wild Sigilyph Safari appeared!
0.0 Your third one is a Chansey!
0.0 You have Normal safari with Loudred and Aipom.