/u/Taco474 is kind of a dick.

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0.9623 He's living proof that sharing your success with your family and helping your friends is the best path to success.
0.9442 You'd shower her in affection, make sure she's okay, you'd be giving her your full attention, and you'd be trying your best to make her feel better, right?
0.9418 Instant Crush and Lose Yourself to Dance are my favorites from the new album, but Game of Love is pretty sweet.
0.9334 Engineer I've liked in the past, especially BF4 I loved it in second to Support. Hand me a Scar or an AN94, I'll do ok.
0.9246 Yeah, sure, that sounds like you're doing what's best for you and your family. A small loan of a million dollars is a pretty normal amount for starting a business.
0.9153 I have this job because now I'm capable of it, the other employees aren't, it's that simple. I like how cute you are though, calling *me* privileged and lucky, thinking that my job was handed to me.
0.9134 I've had it a few times, it's definitely my favorite dream and it's so beautiful.
0.9117 My work involves meeting some very successful people, and they all share the same traits of dedication, passion, and positivity that brought them to where they are.
0.9042 You talk about how you do what's best for you and your family, but you refused an easy, cushy life, an opportunity to provide an even better life for your family?
0.9022 It's gonna depend on the person, but I think playing it safe is better than risking hurting her emotionally just to make it a better gift.
0.8885 Just control your fire and you'd have great accuracy, and it was pretty great because it was more immersive and realistic feeling than laser-bullets.

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-0.9502 You need to be the change you want to be, but instead you're choosing to put more negative shit out into the world with your selfish behavior that alienates even your closest people to a degree.
-0.9451 Fuck them, and fuck people who try to call you a bad person because THEY got caught cheating and think that you should risk yourself trying to cover for them.
-0.944 So you don't care what some no-life piece of shit says, so why care about what some uneducated dipshit who's cheating thinks when everybody else is putting in work?
-0.9382 He wasted his money on a shitty TV, escalated the situation and hurt her feelings by lashing out at her, refused to leave her dorm when she asked him to, then moved towards her and scared her.
-0.9267 The end result is the same, but one is you communicating and fixing the problem together, and the other is deceiving and lying to them because it's so hard to just talk to them.
-0.9178 Men are the victims of nearly half of all domestic violence, about 45%, but are 71% of the victims in one-way domestic abuse .
-0.9081 Because I'm sick of pieces of shit like you who think that it's okay to do the wrong thing to avoid being judged by people you don't give a shit about.
-0.9016 He's borderline fucking abusive, she shouldn't even be with him at all if he's behaving this way, it's beyond immature and he's entirely at fault for being a piece of shit.
-0.8998 But it'll either end with her being annoyed but accepting of you telling her your intentions, or you'll end up lying to her and she'll be even more hurt than if you just disagreed about it.
-0.8964 Being selfish and ignorant to the world around you doesn't make you mature or cool, it makes you look like a lonely selfish fuck.
-0.8885 You think people cheat to get ahead so you justify your slacking off at work, your shitty indifference to the problems you cause for others through inaction.
-0.8834 The few shelters that have tried to start were all denied funding, with no support there was no public funding, and some even received death threats from feminists.