/u/Surf_science is kind of a dick.

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0.8754 People with little confidence in their knowledge of relatively simple subjects like say car mechanics, will have excess confidence in their understanding of things like immunity and genetics.
0.8402 Super flux is great.
0.8122 I have an extremely good transcript that clearly indicates that if I felt like it I could.
0.8107 Was reproductive success more a product of intelligence than brawn or any number of other features.
0.7579 Sure in some cases going in to one of those jobs with experience may help, but in most cases it will be a marginal benefit and you can self teach as needed.
0.743 Things like smoking regulation and major legal decisions can send strong signals that result in social change.
0.7125 What is the expected value for the coalescence time of two alleles? LOL.
0.707 Absolutely praise worthy, also aggravating knowing that she was very likely being underpaid.
0.7003 Social justice **warrior** is a term used to refer to people who are afraid to engage and hide....
0.7003 Just because you can effectively teach yourself to code, does not mean you can effectively self-teach other subjects.
0.6486 Easy Tiger is easily my favourite beer in a long while.

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-0.9334 Look the rash of chinese knife attacks and the incredibly low death rate associated with those attacks.
-0.872 Now you're going and comparing terrorist attacks in france using vehicles to what exactly? You need some practice critical thinking.
-0.8555 Everyone else things you are putting your head in the sand because of irrational fear and an inability to assess risk.
-0.8442 Roughly 3/4 of people that fail to successfully commit suicide *never attempt suicide again*.
-0.836 I mistakenly assumed you meant Spain because referring to a terrorist attack committed by a state using foreign actors is so wildly irrelevant it didn't even occur to me.
-0.8271 Gun regulation can change cultural norms and undermine the ecosystem of paraphernalia that enables the worst kinds of mass shootings .
-0.8271 Unfortunately a disregard for human life, selfishness, and ignorance are leading to thousands of preventable deaths a year.
-0.8176 It is unlikely that the perpetrator would have independently developed a method of increasing the fire rate of his weapons.
-0.807 That sounds very stupid. The is literally nazi shit.
-0.7964 This is what I mean about gun advocates being shit at risk assessment.
-0.7849 This gun culture, that you are participating in, is how we get these mass shootings in the first place. Your video makes things worse not better.
-0.7717 Alternative methods of suicide and alternative methods of homicide, have lower efficacy.