/u/SuckingFupid is very positive!

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0.8225 Skins are great but I definitely noticed a huge drop in the frame rate while playing on my wii
0.784 Would love to play Smash with you sometime!
0.7717 My favorite reward was the Majora's Mask Soundtrack
0.765 If you're not going to give away your coins to someone as a gift you should probably decide fast before the reward you're looking for is sold out.
0.7644 Feel free to throw in your own favorite quotes!
0.7579 The quality of the posters is pretty impressive in my opinion.
0.7579 I would've been happy to post the final result in here if an artist didn't but as i'd be sending pictures of my friends to the artist, in this case i'd just rather PM.
0.7574 Well then great work on your part!
0.75 That's actually pretty easy!
0.7096 64 thanks for giveaway :)
0.6996 Hope this helps!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5975 If I were you I would give a game you never played or thought you wouldn't like a chance.
-0.5574 I wouldn't advise doing it however as downloading Roms is illegal
-0.5106 His dash attack will send the Mii fighters near the bottom corners of the stage faster then a normal smash-attack would.
-0.3261 Sorry, I don't usually play destiny much anymore and don't know a lot about the game
-0.3182 Its tied with walking dead to be my all time favorite.
-0.0772 Sorry, I'm new to this.
-0.0572 Melee on the Wii probably if my brother doesn't want his anymore.
-0.0258 [Something like this.] Sorry to sound critical.
-0.0191 theres 7 of us and it doesnt matter how much of us you draw.
0.0 Why is hitbox.tv the main streaming service used for PM rn?
0.0 I'll keep it in consideration next time I post here!
0.0 Mario, Falcon, Donkey Kong