/u/Stopdaydreaming is very positive!

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0.9488 Nice, good job dude, I'm kinda the same, still improving each track, feels great :D
0.9336 Wow, It's fun thinking that each one of us has their own little point in the orbit, and when earth reaches that point we celebrate, nice shower thought!
0.9293 I think the chords are too prominent in the drop, the melody should be the loudest sound, other than that this is definitely not bad, the track has a nice atmosphere. Good luck!
0.9186 Yes, it was a legitimate Steam Gift, I'm pretty sure the fact that it's a gift is unrelated.
0.9151 Wow, please share the location of #12 OP, would love to visit there!
0.8977 Hope this was helpful, good luck!
0.8957 Yeah it's good, I think once you polish it up the repetitiveness will be fine, because you're repeating something that's good :)
0.8704 Keep going, it's a very long but fun journey :)
0.8687 The intro is amazing, just too much reverb, easy to fix though, the vocals are kinda too quiet, really nice though. 2.
0.865 I took a look at your track and it made me instantly more proud that such experienced producer liked my track! Thanks for the follow too!
0.8553 Ah, that's really nice of you helping them out, you're a great person man.

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-0.7579 It's either there but less noticeable due to the lack of isolation OR that I'm just hearing things.
-0.7102 1v1 kickoffs are kinda unfair in my opinion, unless I'm doing them wrong, they should really think of a different way to start them off to be less "luck" and more skill?
-0.6865 The piano, again, feels very eerie and strange o.o is this intentional?
-0.636 Welp, looks like I screwed up the title, plz pretend it's "Get Over Here!" :c
-0.5574 ) Shit was real and it was way too real.
-0.5499 Does the sound occur if you attach to a rear output instead? I am using the rear output but the problem occurs with both.
-0.4497 I know we like to forget about YouTube comments but how can you ignore actual people.
-0.4404 I think your drums are weak, should be louder and sidechain more.
-0.4215 4-Mastering; does the track sound too crushed?
-0.4215 are the drops too crushed?
-0.4215 I know this is not the place to ask this but I've tried communicating with you guys in many ways and got no response...
-0.4019 Do you think that this noise would be the only problem?