/u/Starseeker117 is a total dick!

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0.7506 He's allowed to do that he doesnt have to be peaceful or friendly towards you
0.7184 If you ever do shoot a REAL bow though..never ever ever fire an arrow with your finger over it like is often shown in the hunger games....the feathers will slice you up good :p Stay gorgeous
0.7089 I hope you're trolling because if not you're a fucking retard.
0.6705 On top of labeling those who engage in PVP as psychopaths and sociopaths just because youd rather everyone play cmdr space bitch playing elite safe space.
0.6705 Haha after watching the gif it looks like a little toy bow.
0.6486 If Killers play purely based on their win condition, the game is really boring, so many of them play in a more fun way.
0.6124 Who cares destiny 2 is dogshit and just a clone of destiny 1 with a few new abilities sprinkled in.
0.5859 You should put the fiction caption on instead of the confession one because it reads like a twilight style fan fiction instead of something that happened in real life
0.5824 Okay then totally believe you There was a TIL about this like a year or so ago that cited the study showing it.
0.5719 Why do parents think they deserve to be celebrated ?

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-0.9583 Eating hot wings isn't going to almost guarantee that you get cancer and die a shitty painful death.
-0.8877 And you stupid asses are going to defend it and suck bungies dick so hard
-0.8851 You lose the right to complain about being destroyed when you WILLINGLY CHOOSE to play in open. That mindset is so stupid.
-0.8834 Too bad he gave his daughter a fuck ugly name
-0.8777 And fuck "accidents" if proper birth control is used the risk of an accident is so low that it's not even relevant.
-0.8658 But as the killer your objective is killing everyone.
-0.8625 You going into open means you lose the right to complain about someone killing you.
-0.8519 You stupid fucks know that change.org hasn't changed anything and it's useless to use those petitions
-0.8481 It was just pics when it first launched but now it's been integrated with Facebook so all that other nonsense gets added. Make no mistake.
-0.8481 Fuck no I'd send her fat ass in for liposuction
-0.8051 Anyone saying they build it up for weeks is both fucking stupid and a liar
-0.7906 I understand it sucks getting killed first.