/u/Spreadthosecheeks is very positive!

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36Overall Score
42Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9225 Wow pussy looks absolutely delicious would love to mop up with my tongue
0.865 So very very sexy loving the pigtails.
0.8578 Very sexy loving those gifs more pls
0.8442 Yes boobs and pussy definitely wins
0.8402 Wow love thIs
0.836 Looks delicious would love a facefull first thing in the morning
0.836 That bum looks perfect would love to see those cheeks spread a little
0.8271 Amazing bum and beautiful boobs
0.8225 Beautiful and delicious looking pussy
0.8225 Beautiful pussy and delicious looking tight asshole I could eat for hours
0.8176 Wow perfection.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.9325 Spank ass , eat ass, fuck ass in that order
-0.7964 No denying that's a quality ass
-0.7506 A squeeze a suck then a fuck
-0.5423 Is that ass on offer?
-0.5423 Head down ass up and peel your cheeks apart.
-0.5423 Then probably eat your ass
-0.296 I'd be attempting to eat that ass for sure
-0.2732 Never get bored of that view
-0.2263 Cumming on your tits would be a favourite of mine
-0.2263 Tits out with dress on
-0.1531 Wish you had failed
-0.1531 Amazing ass and tits