/u/Space_Attorney is kind of a dick.

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0.9636 The thing is, the game usually mentions it, like in Dhalia's case, but they treat it like he is some brilliant mastermind who was only taken down because Edgeworth is slightly more brilliant.
0.7717 Adventure 1 personally, but Adventure 1 and Generations are the only 3d sonic games that I've played.
0.6705 Hope that Helps.
0.6369 I really don't think an imitation can be better than the original in this case.
0.6369 Mania is the best game?
0.5994 I think the no save mode in Mania is a good compromise.
0.5994 Compare sonic 1 to super Mario world, and you will so just how much more sonic emotes.
0.5777 In fact, picking a side means nothing because one game isn't even out, so supporting or opposing it in a "vs.
0.5187 Well, not only did I just address this, but I poorly communicated the message as a joke.
0.5106 You're case is an independent legal abstraction, and it can rest whenever it likes.
0.5098 I didn't like Generations, but Forces looks good.

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-0.9185 Every franchise has bad games, but when sonic fails, he does so horribly and irredeemably.
-0.8126 Also, that only consisted of problems with his final murder, which isn't what I'm talking about, because that was not part of his master plan.
-0.7783 I spelled "well" wrong to show how poorly I communicate my messages, and the fact that you missed that upsets me.
-0.7351 Criticism =/= negativity
-0.7096 It actually isn't an example, because there was no hate here.
-0.6998 Does not elaborating a great degree in my short reply make my argument a buzzword?
-0.6908 I heard that "he must be somewhere around here" means they are looking for infinite, and when tails says this, he means that he doubts sonic would stay still if the enemy is near.
-0.6908 Kill his parents.
-0.6908 Kill Apollo's parents.
-0.6908 Kill Athena's parents.
-0.6908 Kill Payne's parents.
-0.5994 How about instead of dismissing all of your shortcomings as game flaws and rationalizing rage quitting, you practice the game and learn to combat certain playstyles.