/u/Southpaww2006 is very positive!

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48Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9001 I've always loved a sexy set of hips, and a delicious panty line
0.8271 I'd love to be there helping, making sure you had a proper stretch
0.7906 hope you had a great workout
0.7906 I'd love to be lucky enough to be there
0.7845 I'd love to help you out
0.743 Would love to have my tongue on you as well
0.7269 I'd love to snack on you ;)
0.725 I'd absolutely love that!!
0.6982 Absolutely beautiful woman!!
0.6892 Great abs!!
0.6588 Great body!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.2911 Especially your tits
0.0 I'd hike with you
0.0 Would he let me behind you
0.0 If that's allowed of course
0.0 That's not all I'd do
0.0 Anyone joined yet?
0.0 Did you finish him off at least?
0.0 Hubby won't mind me licking you all day?
0.0 Wow...amazing
0.0 What a view.
0.0 How'd the date go
0.0 Incredibly hott