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0.9509 In a ranked game, I said "good luck, have fun" and both tis that visited were ded :d Usually, it's more worth it to use calculated alerts later, and save them for when you absolutely need to.
0.9286 You feel really good when that happens honestly, though it might be because I love underdogs and under appreciated roles.
0.8695 Other modes are faster to fill, so play those instead. 2) Miss medi, pipetron, stugegg are pretty great players.
0.8689 I always appreciate people who try to brighten up others' days, and show some love to those who need it.
0.8591 Thanks for sharing xD
0.8481 The three times I was vet and said good luck, have fun in ranked I got visited by TI :'P
0.8442 The invest one seems like a nerf rather than a plus. But the jailor though gg. I laughed several times at this post. Also can you imagine the gf giving the mafioso the buff?
0.8316 Dang, thank you, appreciated :)
0.8225 I don't know how I could have made this game better. If the jailor had not exed the LO, I might have saved gentle sir for example.
0.7987 Been feeling a bit down, so thank you for the kind words, it means a lot ;w;
0.7964 Town won about 60% of their games in the past, with mafia winning about 30%.

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-0.765 At the end of the day's mislynch, someone accused the LO of being evil, and even though I spoke up for them, the jailor still exed the LO.
-0.5859 Town found it strange since they had no reason to do so, but we had no majority.
-0.5334 Doing nothing only helps such players, and doesn't help future games.
-0.5267 The vet and I realised that we were the last town because we were the only two innocents on the exe. Then the next day, the vet killed a mafia.
-0.506 If they leave, they do not win.
-0.4973 Overly relying on those roles is not the smartest idea and by the time they get leads, town is likely ded.
-0.4782 I'm not op, but thanks for posting this.
-0.4717 You can't win them all.
-0.4215 The vet had intimidated them into not dousing --- when in truth, they had no alerts left.
-0.3612 Or Eg 2 : I'm sheriff, and witch is ded, so you know I'm not exe.
-0.3404 Or if it is not available for all items, then at least let scrolls be giftable! Besides bmg making extra cash, users with scrolls of roles they don't like can be put to use.
-0.3024 If you keep playing with not so good towns, wait for 2 lobbies and then rejoin.