/u/SonyRox is kind of a dick.

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0.7499 Nice to see that feminine qualities have not been killed by feminist ideologies.
0.6956 We need to lock them up in a "safe space" where they can't do any harm.
0.5574 Thank god, it seems that Jim is the only sane person now.
0.5574 Thank god it beat Zelda.
0.5413 It's so adorable.
0.4939 Ok El Duderino. Edit: I'm trying to be a Redditor by making Big Lebowski jokes.
0.4927 She thinks the deaths of hundreds is fucking funny.
0.4449 Don't read these shitty reviews.
0.4404 But HZD has good graphics.
0.4404 I've heard some good things about Lawrence.
0.4404 This game is at least better than every Nintendo game combined.

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-0.9118 And that Asian bitch deserves to die, she fucking deserves to die.
-0.8402 That shit was fucked up.
-0.7269 Nintendo. Also, there's a reason you're called Microsoft, because you have erectile dysfunction and a micro sized dick.
-0.7184 It sucks ass.
-0.6705 My cousin was in London and he could have potentially been killed by these fucking Muslims.
-0.5859 And they're all kiddy bullshit.
-0.5859 It's a bullshit kids game made for babies.
-0.5719 Also the Nintendo thing was just me letting out a bit of anger.
-0.5719 If you hate Nintendo so much, why do you hang out on r/Nintendo?
-0.5719 Maybe he wanted to keep you from becoming a retarded Nintendo fanboy.
-0.5719 You are a retarded Nintendo fanboy.
-0.5688 You really are a retard.