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0.9602 Awesome, love him + OneyPlays, so it's always great seeing him do more stuff with you guys, great chemistry!
0.9201 I was about to add RAM to the list of perfect albums lol, glad someone was already on top of it lol
0.9179 Dude this so super impressive, you should feel proud!
0.9172 I wasn't always the most confident in my ability to get things done, but lemme tell you, the first time I Deadlifted 200 lbs, I felt like a friggin world champion.
0.9121 That said, I've been a fan of the original since I was little, but I so far love all the upgrades to the shows production value and pacing.
0.906 Awesome dude, glad you're loving it so much!
0.9042 Great show + good motivation to keep moving, lol
0.8955 That sounds like a super cool opportunity!
0.8805 Awesome, thanks for the answer, and good point!
0.8748 Awesome, thanks, that's reassuring!
0.872 I fell in love with Elegia by New Order when it was used in one of the Metal Gear Solid 5 trailers, one of my favorite trailers to go back and watch just for how well the song fits.

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-0.765 Now, does that mean all my problems with anxiety and shyness have disappeared?
-0.75 I actually went and finished up those last two Tower stages today before watching this episode, and I died a ridiculous amount on parts that Arin just plowed through!
-0.5859 Might be a stupid question, idk
-0.5423 Then I fire up my pan, add a bit of cooking spray, and then drop in the tuna/egg mix.
-0.5267 Especially since I've been the shy, needy guy for a long while.
-0.4767 From a poor college student, what kind of details do you have on that egg-noodle-soy sauce-peanut butter recipe?
-0.4753 Ugh, I feel you man!
-0.4588 I've been doing stop motion for over five years now, I love it to death no matter how long it takes.
-0.4149 But like I said, might have just misunderstood what you were saying, so no biggie.
-0.4149 Wouldn't be surprised if they just drop the "Steam Train" and just make all of the "anything goes" playthroughs into Grumpcade.
-0.3919 Currently 133lbs, squat is about the same but I'm lagging with my bench .
-0.3814 Good freaking job dude, that ain't easy!