/u/SolLucens is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9036 You are very beautiful :) Blue is growing to be one of my favorite colors.
0.8957 Beautiful :) Wish I could join you, tonight is very cold.
0.8625 You look beautiful :) Definitely wouldn't mind you sucking my blood.
0.8591 Welcome, you're pretty talented.
0.8519 Mm, I loved that bonus ;)
0.8516 I'm glad you found it too :) You look really cute.
0.8442 You look amazing and I'm sure cuddle well ;)
0.8402 A day late but still a great Sunday ;)
0.8402 You look great :) Wishing for more
0.8399 Gladly :3 You are really cute
0.8074 Well I'd gladly volunteer ;) I have a nice hard cock to use as well.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 I'd then hold you against the wall and fuck you hard.
-0.5688 I couldn't see that :P I'm biased towards them too.
-0.5423 Makes your ass look even bigger.
-0.5423 Only if you'd fuck a raven claw
-0.3863 I would be crazy to not want you.
-0.34 I was just getting to a jerk myself.
-0.296 That is such a terrible situation ;)
-0.2023 Idk, It is hard to tell purple.
-0.1779 You made my shitty day much, much better.
-0.1779 Got it, let me know the next time you're looking for a fight ;)
-0.1197 It is :P Debating that my next tattoo should be a star wars one.
-0.1027 May be a bit of a hard day now though..