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0.9042 Beautiful answer, thank you for sharing :)
0.8777 All I can say is that this Konad stamping polish worked great (: I recommend it!
0.8455 Looks great :D
0.8439 Good luck to you, hope you find something soon!
0.8268 I really love the flowers :]
0.8256 Uh, ya can't just post this masterpiece and not tell us what colors you used and how you did it...Have mercy, Jwahhhhh!
0.8126 The three schools I applied to all accepted AP credit indirectly--my university accepted the AP credit and put it on their transcript.
0.8074 Great job (:
0.784 Great idea, thank you!
0.765 Awesome, thank you.
0.7351 I just looked and didn't see any as cute as yours (:

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-0.0772 That lady sounds like an insecure POS.
0.0 What will you do next?
0.0 Short video, not a gif.
0.0 Snoring hummingbird! https://youtu.be/pj5huCuhD_Q
0.0 I would ask about the clinical requirements -- how many crowns, extractions, root canals are required for graduation?
0.0 Can you do an Invisalign certification class through the school?
0.0 So did it work?
0.0 Author: Harry Cockburn ...sounds legit
0.0 If you don't mind!
0.0 Where could I get such stickers?
0.0 Polish: Julep "Beverly"; decal also by Julep
0.0 What polish did you stamp with?