/u/SoccerMishka is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9168 Gorgeous women, I love her curly hair and sexy hips!
0.902 You have great curves, you are very attractive, I would LOVE to see more of your boudoir shoot.
0.8867 You are so sexy, love your curves!!
0.8658 Welcome and thank you, I love your cleavage
0.8648 Very hot, love thigh highs and beautiful body!
0.8356 Sexy, love the way your panties ride your hips!
0.8313 Sexy underwear, you look great!
0.8118 The blinds are rarely open, but I will make sure she thanks you!!
0.7964 Love your posts, hope to see more.
0.7896 I am in love with your ass, so beautiful!
0.7783 Besides feeling sexy in them, you make them look good.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5386 You're nipples make me want to suck on them!!!
-0.5093 Makes me jealous!
-0.4404 The dirty horny one and only
-0.2247 What kind of cock initiations are there?
0.0 Do you have extra so we can do it several times tonight?
0.0 You should feel them.
0.0 Hot outfit!
0.0 Plenty of room for ya!
0.0 I'm a Virgo.
0.0 Can you find a smaller towel to use?
0.0 Can I get you anything before I come over?
0.0 I would still take you over an 18 year old!!!