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0.862 I'm sure it'll be a huge improvement! I'm very excited as I have always dreamed of building my own PC for gaming...
0.8555 I love the DMG-01 and love clones of it just as much.
0.8516 It's a lovely looking GBA pretty much my dream gameboy!
0.8461 Thanks again, I really appreciate you help!
0.8419 This is pretty much what I expect but it's great to hear!
0.8264 Made these to pass the time! I would love to see a WareWare game on Switch and have always been fond of the 'spice orange' consoles Nintendo put out a few years back!
0.8074 My honest intention was to try to understand whose orders were being prioritised, It was definitely a fact finding exercise not one where I was looking for a solution.
0.8074 Great post, it inspired me to put together this version with a custom retro style Japanese logo and print effect: http://imgur.com/lU5OOSw
0.8053 Love the buttons/d-pad on your GBA, am I right in thinking they are from the DMG-001? I might try that myself because I love the OG buttons, Were they a difficult switch?
0.784 Ahh awesome, thank you!
0.7777 Fantastic, thanks again!

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-0.623 I had a particularly bad DMG-01 that I managed to resurrect this way!
-0.34 They are almost impossible to find unfortunately, I haven't checked lately DX.com used to have some I believe.
-0.34 When you opened up Pocket Bomberman did you notice any corrosion or dirt on the board?
-0.3318 Thanks for all the comments guys, I wasn't sure if my memory was failing me or not.
-0.3089 not looking too promising.
-0.296 I have also tried re-installing Steam to no avail.
-0.296 I received this as a spot pass notification this morning, indicating that Nintendo of Europe have mistakenly distributed it a day early.
-0.2714 Only ever clean the lens with a microfibre cloth and rub lightly to avoid any damage and you should be okay!
-0.2654 I have blocked out a few letters because as I mentioned it's my gamer tag, surprised I'm getting down voted so hard.
-0.2411 I wasn't sure if my order was showing an incorrect date or if I was further down the queue than others.
-0.2076 I uploaded the whole exchange as I didn't want to 'cherry pick' the section of the exchange I had issue with and make it seem like he was personally in the wrong.
-0.128 This is a last resort and should only be done if the other tricks don't work...