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0.9191 I'm not sure if it will help you, but lately I've improved tremendously by 'forcing' myself to do work, like pure discipline, and then setting in between breaks so I can relax.
0.902 If you get more confidence out of NoFap, do you need a girl's approval to validate that you're a better person now?
0.87 Wow, I'm glad that it's now working so well for you!
0.8687 I feel like the goal of NoFap, is to just be a better person, and if a girl comes to you, that's great!
0.8591 I think in both cases they're great, one who's born kind is still doing good, one born cruel is becoming good.
0.8555 I'm sure you've tried your best and that's okay, that's alright.
0.8537 Thank you for sharing, I feel much better now knowing that someone has spent years feeling uncertain about things and it's not as bad as I think it is.
0.8513 I hope you will get better and have a very enjoyable Christmas!
0.8442 If one of the benefits is how you can treat women better after nofap, that's okay.
0.8439 From some of the posts lately, that's the vibe I get. However, I don't mean to say that being happy that someone noticed you is great, cause it is!
0.8439 Hahaha just read it, and I love it!

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-0.7964 I have never heard of icy hot before but that sounds evil Edit: icy hot not icy lube
-0.7506 It can be a fear of anything, in my case it's a fear of overloading material .
-0.7269 That's what has been paralysing me the most, what if I actually end up hating my degree, wouldn't that have been a waste of time and money?
-0.687 Everyone's depression is different and his method is not the only solution.
-0.5362 I will not waste time, and repeat all my mistakes this year, I will not go back into that hell hole , and I WILL climb back up stronger!
-0.5106 I stopped halfway through unfortunately.
-0.5025 It's just really weird how you might not be as interested in something as you think you are.
-0.4939 I'm a first year University student too, and I've realised that I procrastinate because I have a paralysing fear.
-0.4404 If you don't get a girl, is it a sign that you suck?
-0.4404 I remember the good old days of pure disgust at myself whenever I forget where I left my legos
-0.4388 I'm from the UK so it's only possible to study one subject - Physics unfortunately haha and the idea of going through another 3 years sounds not so ideal.
-0.431 I tell myself that I can definitely study just in time for the exam and score a first class, but if I procrastinate, I will waste time.