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0.9253 Maybe it's a bit over the roof, but I liked it http://imgur.com/a/FDXsS Nice shot btw, was a pleasure to work with
0.9231 Someone can disagree with this opionion but i think it's better to play the game and have some fun and not get completely wrecked in cruel :) Welcome the community btw!
0.9041 Such a beautiful picture /u/Banditkill. Actually I think there's not much I can do to make it better - the RAW file is actually great on it's own. [Here is my take!]
0.8803 The most fun is end game. Have fun :)
0.8718 Thank you so much, I will do my best to improve!
0.8331 Well yes, I forgot about "ferris wheel" so I just translated it from russian :D
0.8064 So depressing, but really like it, thanks!
0.7872 I'm not a fast player by any means, but I try to reach the endgame in 9 hours - it's not that hard and I played like 2 leagues.
0.7861 Right now to Japan gateway it's 40ms. GG GGG, so happy
0.784 Crop and autumn look ia great. Thank you!
0.7783 Wow, this by far my favorite.

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-0.8958 What? Living in Russia and domestic film industry is so unpopular - cause most of the movies we get are about drunk weddings or other stupid shit that not actually funny and made for gopniks
-0.743 How is this even suppose to work with outlaw skin :( Edit: I mean, outlaw effect is just stupid.
-0.701 ~~Is a 30% less damage going to be fine with srs?~~ ~~EDIT: http://imgur.com/3FEOOsK~~ EDIT2: Apparently i'm retarded
-0.5782 Yeah, eyes are the only thing that intrested me, so no worries about challeges after 12 done.
-0.5574 This is shit really.. Just give it to the potato users already.
-0.4939 I already can see my fps getting destroyed by these monsters and their effects
-0.4767 It's actually far worse for alot of people
-0.4588 Well shit, bad grammar :)
-0.4404 But mah fps :(
-0.4404 :( Windows 7.
-0.3612 Well performance is shit after update.
-0.296 You don't need a chat if there is no freeroam multiplayer AMIRITE?